01 março, 2010

Flores para a MÃE...

The last time my hubby gave me flowers on Valentine’s Day was four years ago. It was delievered by mail. Urmm… we live together so don’t know why he didn’t bring it in person, heehee. I was very surprised as I never received flowers by mail before.

It was tulips. His mother’s favorite flower, not mine. What was he thinking! Ugh! Heehee.

And I thought he was being cheap for not getting me the roses. He said the tulips costed as much. So I got mad that he spent too much money on the flowers that will wither. No wonder he doesn’t bring me flowers anymore. Hehe.

I was planning on making these flowers for a while, and finally was motivated to make it after seeing Sassafras’ challenge to create something for someone you love.

I love my kids the most, but if I didn’t love my husband first, they would not be here. So here it is… Fake flowers for the love of my life! =)

PAPERS: Sunshine Lollipops and Hog Heaven from Sassafras;
BRAD: Dainty Dots from Sassafras;
FLOWER POT TEMPLATE: Tapered Box by Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs

Flowers were made almost the same way as the “snow flowers” I made last year. Except I used a smaller scallop circle punch. I was going to use a plain circle punch, but I was inspired by Sinead’s Uptown Citrus Flowers.
Little blue dot is where I made a hole to put the wire through.

Roll it tight starting from the outside.

Then squash it down. It’ll give the flower some distressed look.

Then, pull the center part up. Looks like a little cobra. =)

Make some stamen using beads and flower wires.

Insert the wire through the flower. Remember the blue dot?

Put a little dab of glue on the bottom/center of the flower.

Wrap it around the wire.

I used bamboo skewer and wrapped the wires around.


2 comentários:

Tia Verinha disse...

Simplesmentelindo!!! Obrigada pela partilha!
Beijinhos e milsorrisoscoloridos

Sulamita Cavalcante disse...

Muito lindo
Adorei a idéia.