10 junho, 2010

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Full of Fun Hanger by Rachael Merrick

Cut your fabrics as listed:

Background fabric: 20 x 10 inches …Good Folks - Cathedral Dusk

Pocket fabric: (cut 3 identical) 10x10 inches. Iron in half, with right sides facing out…Kokka Spacemen and Spaceships

Binding fabric: you will need to make enough bias binding to go around the entire project (60 inches) plus enough to go across to tops of each of the pockets (30 inches) I’ve used 1 ½ inch wide fabric, folded to bias binding. Windham Fabrics – Botanical pop

Hanger Handle: 9x 3 inches

Begin by sewing bias binding along the raw edged tops of each of the 3 pockets. You can top stitch these if you please.

Place the three pockets onto the backing fabric as in this photo. Begin with the middle pocket, centred on the backing panel. Then centre the top and bottom pockets. Secure these by stitching along the bottom section of each pocket.

Create your backing of your project using leftover materials. I’ve used a strip of the pocket fabric to create the middle panel and the leftover binding fabric to fill in either side. Topstitch to give them detail and trim back to be the same 20x 10 inches measurements, the same as your front. Sandwich the top layer, batting and bottom layer, securing with pins ready to bind.

Use your binding strips you prepared to bind the entire project, securing the edges of the pockets as you bind. Use the same sized binding (in this case 1 ½ inches) that your pockets are bound in.

Finish the project with a handle. Simply fold your handle fabric in half and sew down one side. Turn inside out and stuff with Dacron filling. Tuck in either end of the handle so no raw edges are exposed and attach to the top of your project using several rows of small stitching on your machine.

The finished project can be either hung on a door, end of a bed or chair. It easily folds up so that it can be portable. Perfect for kids, pop in some fun activities such as little cars and colouring in, then fold it up to take with you on an outing.

Of course you can adapt this to a craft hanger, to hold a notebook, scissor, tape measure etc. and can be popped into your bag to take to a craft day.

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