25 setembro, 2010

Uma almofada LINDA!

Recycled Roses Pillow Tutorial

Instead of changing the color of the floors (except the hallway) I decided to change the color of the pillows on the couch- we have white floors and a big white couch and with LOTS of pillows and the easiest way for me to change color is with all the pillows. This project is a little time consuming and will take a while for me to complete (we have about 8-10 pillows!!) but I wanted to share one of the ideas I had for a pretty spring pillow using all the flowers I had leftover from this project.

I had all kinds of flowers left over from the wreath I made from recycled roses and I thought they would make a great accent pillow for the couch. To make these roses read this post

I started by cutting a rectangle from plain white muslin and then lined it with interfacing.

Use the sewing machine to "draw" whimsical stems and leaves.
If you don't have a sewing machine, you could also hand embroider stems or if don't sew- you could use fabric paint to paint stems on the surface

Once satisfied with the surface, add the rose to the top of the stems.

Use a needle and thread to sew the roses to the surface.
I'm not going to lie- this is really time consuming but very worth it in the end!

Sew the front of the pillow to a back-
because I LOVE the stitching showing I used green thread and a zig zag stitch on the edges.

Leave an opening, insert stuffing and sew closed.

Oh so pretty!!!

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by Ana Claudia disse...

Oii!! Nossa que lindas que ficaram. Amei demais.
Muito boa idéia.