23 outubro, 2010

Jarras de Gesso

Plastered Jars

Latas, camisolas de malha já velhas e gesso acrílico.


In the guest bedroom, I have a collection of white ceramic vases in all sorts of organic shapes on display.

So, my question to you: which one of these is not like the other? The answer? The one on the left. It’s a tin can.


I started by taking an old scarf, a tin can and some scissors. Just wrap the scarf around the can and trim off the excess material with a pair of scissors.


Snug as a bug. Use safety pins to tightly wrap the scarf around the tin can. It’s better to stretch the scarf material as tightly as possible around the can so it doesn’t budge. Tug and pull as hard as possible to get it to this point and you’ve got a nice snug scarf covered can.


Mix some powdered plaster with water until it gets to a creamy, yogurt-y kind of consistency. You want it to be runnier than you think, but not so runny that it doesn’t coat evenly and quickly. I know: the best way to figure this out is to play around with powdered plaster a few times until you get to know its quirks.


Smear it. Pour it. Spoon it. Just get the plaster all over the exterior of the can as quickly as possible. I find that rotating the can as you spoon on the mixture helps it flood other area of the can as you spoon. Twist, pour, spoon and repeat.


And one more time: let it dry for a few hours and you’ve got a ceramic-looking vase for your collection. Play with other textures, materials, etc. I am thinking of gluing shells onto the outside of a can and trying the same techinque to mimic the look of the vintage vases in the middle of the pic. Next plastery project for a rainy day.

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