23 janeiro, 2010

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Craft Project: Recycled Toddler's Purse


  • Empty colored detergent bottle
  • Scraps of narrow ribbon
  • Kitchen shears
  • X-acto type knife


Sketch outline of purse on bottle as shown in diagram 1. Make certain to extend handles so they are long enough to overlap later for tying. Cut along sketch lines.

Fold over lid of purse as shown in diagram 2.

Cut 2 slits in front of purse to hold closing tab.

Overlap handles at the top and cut two narrow slits in each end.

Thread ribbon through slits and tie in bow at top.

Decorate the lid with scraps from other detergent bottles cut in the shape of a flower and tied on securely with scraps of ribbon threaded through slits and knotted on the inside.

By preserver from Manitoba

Editor's Note: Be sure that your bottle is entirely clean. Do not use any bottles that may contain a chemical residue, for safety.

Craft Project: Recycled Toddler's PurseCraft Project: Recycled Toddler's Purse

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