14 agosto, 2010

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Tin Can Stars Tutorial

Ever since I blogged about my tin-can-star mural in June 2009 I promised to do a tutorial. I kept on putting it off because I haven't done any tutorials before and the whole idea seemed a bit overwhelming.
Not any more! Here it is at last:

This tutorial shows you how to make the stars. You can then use the stars to make anything you want from mobiles to Christmas decorations.

You will need:

Empty soft drink cans
Utility/kitchen scissors
Star template (download and print)
Permanent marker
Sharp object. I used an awl, but a thick needle or nail will also work
Flat nose pliers

Step 1:
Cut the can open.
Start by forcing the one edge of the scissors into the can near the top rim and away from the logo. Cut all around.

Cut from top to bottom. Make sure you keep the logo intact by cutting on the bar-code side of the can.

Cut off the bottom.

This is what you have now:

You can now clean the inside of the can to make sure your work surface and hands don't end up all sticky.

Step 2:
Trace the template onto the can with the permanent marker.

Make sure you place the template over the logo and in such a way that you can fit two stars onto each can.

Step 3:
Cut out the stars.

Step 4:
Score the stars.
With the logo side facing up, line the ruler between two opposing internal corners. Use your sharp tool to mark a straight line. Make sure you don't cut right through the metal. Repeat with the other internal corners.

Flip the star over. With the logo side facing down, line the ruler between two opposing sharp points. Score as before. Repeat with the other sharp points.

Step 5:
Hold the star between your fingers and fold on the lines.

Repeat the folding along all the lines.

Use your sharp tool to sharpen the corners and edges.

Step 6:
With your flat nose pliers pinch the sharp points of the star to flatten them and to bend them slightly upwards.

Step 7:
Hold the star down on the work surface and push a hole through the flat ends with your sharp tool. You can put a cutting board or cork tile underneath.

That's it!

If you want the metal side of the star to be on top you have to change the scoring around. The shorter lines (between internal corners) on the metal side and the longer lines (between the sharp points) on the coloured side.

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