09 abril, 2011


Framed Carrot Easter Decor

Aside from the Canvas Bunny Buckets I shared a few weeks back, I had yet to create anything else Easter-related until this week. I had a few extra minutes during naptime a couple of days ago, so I decided to remedy that! This super-quick, super-easy framed carrot Easter decor is a snap to put together, and the bright colors exude spring! In 30 minutes to and hour, you can create one of your own with this step-by-step tutorial. So let's hop to it!

For this project, you will need...

Green and orange fabric
Fusible Peltex (a very heavyweight interfacing)
Coordinating thread
Dimensional adhesive foam dots
Craft glue
A washable ink marker
1 piece of yellow cardstock
1 pieces of white cardstock
Letter stickers
Black pen
(1) 8x10 frame
Basic sewing supplies (machine, shears, etc.)

step 1 / Iron your Peltex to the wrong side of your green and orange fabrics according the the product instructions. Use a marker to trace your carrot base and carrot top templates onto the interfacing side of your fused fabric (orange for the bases, green for the tops). Cut out all of the pieces.

step 2 / Use your washable ink marker to trace two little bunny-sized teeth marks onto one of your carrot base pieces. Trim away the excess. Now, head to your machine and edgestitch around the perimeter of each of your carrot base and top pieces. (This stitching is optional, but it really does make this project pop!)

step 3 / Trim a piece of yellow cardstock to 8 inches by 10 inches, and a piece of white cardstock to 5.5 by 7.5 inches. Place foam dots on the outer corners of your white cardstock piece, and adhere it on your yellow cardstock piece, taking care to ensure it is precisely centered. Use craft glue to adhere your carrot tops to you white cardstock, as shown.

step 4 / Apply foam dots to the back of each of your carrot base pieces, and adhere them to your white cardstock so they are centered over their respective top piece. Make sure to reserve the "chomped" carrot for the third place in line. Adhere letter stickers with your chosen sentiment (I used "Yum") just below the cut-out portion of your third carrot. If desired, use a black pen to create faux "stitching" all the way around your piece of white cardstock for added impact. Now, slip your creation into your frame.

All done, and (almost) good enough to eat!

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