27 fevereiro, 2010

Árvore da Páscoa...


1- Pot (from Dollar Store)
1- pkg. Body Scrunches or puffs (2 for $1.00 from Dollar Store)
hot melt glue
Acrylic Paint - color of choice (matched to basket)
1-pkg. mini speckled egg ornaments (from Dollar Store)
one bag makes 3 trees, I used 12 per tree
Easter Grass
1- 3/8" Dowel cut to 8" (I used a square dowel made of basswood)
Ribbon cut to about 18-24"

Total Cost to create one tree is about $2.50

1. Paint dowel, encase it in a hunk of clay. Glue to bottom center of pot allow to dry.
2. While glue is drying. Prepare body scrunchie by hot melting the mini eggs in the netting, place them in the folds randomly to make them look like they are in "nest". Cut looped string from scrunchie being careful not to cut netting.
3. Cut Ribbon, tie it around dowel rod approximately 1/2" from top.
4.Where you removed loop from scruchie float some hot melt glue into the hole. Turn pot upside down and place dowel into area squeeze the outside of scunchie to conform until it dries.
5. Fluff, add grass to pot and decorate as desired. I purchased a pack of slightly larger eggs that matched the little ones to use for decorating. They were a soft plastic so I cut halfway through them and zigzag cut one or two and placed in bottom area of pot to look like they had hatched.

** They really came out looking nice my cam is not so nice *grin*
The purple one above was made without using a pot by molding some clay around the rod and allowing it to harden.
I have not tried but thought about molding the rod into the center of the pot and then filling the pot with green jellybeans.

Another variation came to me for my Easter tree. You could stick the pole into a hunk of styrofoam (a 1/2 ball) wrap a
coordinating washcloth around it place some decorative little soaps on top and it's an instant bath decoration as well.

This project is super quick , fun and produces eggs-cellent results!!

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