27 fevereiro, 2010

Coelhinhos :)

Angelic Bunny Pin

(c) 1996 Doni S. Hardy




Gyspy Rose

Light Ivory


Blue Mist



Light cinnamon


Jo Sonja:


Clear Glazing medium or Kleister Medium


1 - 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 3/16" primitive heart

1 - 3/4" furniture button

2 - 1" wooden hearts

1" pin back

2"x2" 140 lb watercolor paper

Krylon Matte Finish

E-6000 Adhesive

Sand wood pieces and dust with tack cloth.

Transfer scallop pattern for dress onto large heart.

Transfer ears onto watercolor paper and cut out now or wait until the ears have been painted.


Lt. Ivory: Feet & head.

Blue Mist: Dress.

White: 2 1" hearts (wings)..

Gypsy Rose: Three roses on dress

Gypsy Rose: Shade (float) on feet at dress edge on front, sides and back and then between feet. Shade inside of ears.

Burgundy: Shade center and bottom of roses. Add second value on feet where both feet meet dress.

Mix Gypsy Rose + White: place comma strokes on the left side of roses.

Burgundy: Comma strokes on the right side of roses.

Avocado: Leaves are sit downs around the roses.

Light Cinnamon: Dot eyes.

Black: Dip dot heart for nose.

Gypsy Rose: Stipple cheeks. Dip dots in sets of three on dress.

Lt. Ivory: Single dots on dress. Highlight in upper left or right of eye.

Black: Use liner for whiskers & mouth.

Comma strokes on wings are done by dressing brush with clear glazing medium or kleister medium and then picking up Blue Mist. This will give you a more transparent stroke.

Finishing Sand areas that will be glued together to help adhesion. Glue wings together & let dry. Roll ears around large brush handle to give them shape. Glue ears to back of head & let dry. Glue head to body & body to wings & let dry. Glue pin back to the back of wings, it may help to prop bunny up on the top of a paint bottle so it will dry flat. Spray two coats of Krylon Matte on all sides and you're done. Enjoy!

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