11 dezembro, 2010

Flores natalinas

Ornament Advent Day 9:
Jingle Bell Flowers!

CC10 jingle bell flower group 44
I am in love with these little Jingle Bell Flowers! They
are darling for ornaments but they'd make a wonderful
garland as well. Put one on your wrist to add a little
jingle to your step or tie one on a package to make
it extra special. I hope you like them too!


cardboard egg carton
red, green, lime green, and brown acrylic paint
one jingle bell for each flower
~10" piece of green yarn
paint brush
dish of water
needle with large eye

CC10 jingle bell flower deconstructed egg carton
first you need to cut apart your egg carton
as shown above:
→ cut the lid from the egg cups
→ cut down the middle of the egg cups
→ cut the closing flap off and the flat parts between the
bumps (see above)
→ cut the 10 creased triangles from between the egg cups
→ cut apart the egg cups

CC10 jingle bell flower 1
→ trim the egg cups so they are even all the way around
→ trim the triangles to look like leaves, use the pattern
above but there is no reason to be very precise
→ cut more leaves using the flat pieces from the closing
flap; if you need more cut them from the egg
carton cover

CC10 jingle bell flower 2
→ water down the paint a bit and apply with a soft
brush, it makes it easier to cover the rough surface
→ paint the egg cups red
→ paint the leaves a mixture of brown, green and lime
green (I put all three colors in a dish and let them
gradually mix into each other as I paint for
a nice variety of color)

CC10 jingle bell flower 3
→ for each flower you need one egg cup, one bell,
and between 3 and 6 leaves - flat and creased
→ for younger kids you can use a plastic needle but
you'll need to poke holes through the leaves
→ poke a hole through the bottom of the egg cup
→ thread your needle with the yarn, do not make a knot

CC10 jingle bell flower 4
→ string as above: 3 leaves, up through the bottom of
the egg cup and the jingle bell

CC10 jingle bell flower 5
→ run the thread back through the egg cup and
through the last three leaves

CC10 jingle bell flower finished
→ tie the ends of the yarn and trim the extra
Now you have a beautiful Jingle Bell Flower!

CC10 white jingle bell flower 50
Try some in white - aren't they pretty?!

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Rommy disse...

Olá amiga linda a sua idéia. Gosto muito de artesanato com materiais reciclavéis.Parabéns pela idéia.Quero desejar a vc e sua família um Feliz Natal e um excelente Ano de 2011.
A propósito estou te seguindo.
Qdo vc puder dê uma passadinha no meu blog: http://rommy-ateliesdasflores.blogspot.com
Bjos Rommy