22 dezembro, 2010

Postais de Natal

handmade cards

I love making my own cards. I love my girls making their own cards. Christmas time is no exception. In this post I'm sharing some cards which were a free added bonus to one of my Christmas online classes in the past. They are still some of my favourite cards.




If you would like to make these I have a PDF template file with the little pieces used for making the stocking, tree and candy cane. Download Fiona's christmas card shapes templates. (This file is an A4 sized document, so make sure you check your printer settings to ensure the template pieces are the right size and in proportion.)

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how to construct the Christmas shapes on your cards.

I like to combine paper with fabric or felt, so I cut the base shapes from paper:Stocking-1

Then add felt pieces:

I like to add a little stitching. You could also use the sewing machine if you'd like:


All finished:


You could use any shapes for your cards, try looking for some clip art pieces that you like and use a mix of paper and felt to create your own cards.

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3 comentários:

Lilian Janine disse...

Que coisa mais fofa esse cartão!!!

Sinhazinha disse...

Nossa quanta coisa linda, parabéns
fiquei encantada com seu blog
me tornei sua seguidora da uma passadinha no meu.
Se puder ser minha seguidora vou ficar muito feliz

Cláudia Vargas disse...

Lindo! Pena que cheguei atrasada,mas no próximo natal com certeza irei fazer. Amei o seu blog! bjs