08 março, 2011

A Fada "Tic Tac" - a fada que vive nos relógios

Fairy Nursery Wall Clock

Fairy dust abounds in the nursery where this clock resides...

Made from scrap lumber, bead board, a dollar store picture frame and a vintage thrift store clock this nursery wall clock is 36" tall from crown to toes.

The door to the small cabinet "body" was made out of the picture frame and opens to accommodate baby's keepsakes. The arms, legs and head were cut from a scrap of 1x10 pine and attached to the body with eye bolts so they dangle. The cabinet back and whimsical wings were cut from a single piece of bead board left over from another project.

I cut all the parts with a jigsaw.

Then assembled the tiny cabinet.

Meet Dewalt Brad Nailer -- the best $300 we ever spent!

I added textured paintable wallpaper around the outside.

This was my last "during" picture. I had to stop taking pictures and get to work so there would be "after" pictures.

It's decorated in a quirky, vintage-y style with brightly colored scrapbook paper and paint, old book pages and a sweet reminder to
... "always kiss me goodnight".


2 comentários:

Tia Verinha disse...

Lindo, lindo!Obrigada por partilhar.
Beijinhos e milsorrisoscoloridos

Dreamlu disse...

Também achei um miminho! Beijosss*