12 março, 2011

Inspiração para as Alices (do País das Maravilhas)

Teacup Clock

This has been the longest project of my life. I have been working on it off and on since april. It just wasn't ever right.
Do you brilliant minds ever have stuff like this?
But finally it got done. I wish I could say that I as the creative genius behind it but alas I am not. Erika @ Retropolitan Hip is. Her blog is awesome and she is my partner in crime in many an idea/business venture. She is probably the funniest person that I know and I love her so much! The inspiration piece:

Cute right? Its like $400.00 from Umbra

This lovely is Erika's version:

And this is mine:

The teacups were all found at antique stores, thrift stores, or TJ Maxx.

So do you want to make one too? Here are the steps:

1. FIND A CRAPLOAD OF CUPS! I have probably 6 more sets that I didn't use. You have to play with them and get them in the right spots so that it flows. It would be much easier if you were only doing a few colors but who likes to do things the easy way???! pfssh not this girl. After you have it set up the way you want number them!!! That way you wont forget!!

2. I got the wood at Homie D's. It was months ago so I don't remember how much I spent. Its just particle board. I stuck a pin in the board and attached a string and pencil to it and drew a circle. Then I had Macho cut it out for me.

3. I modpodged paper onto it. I hated it. So then I modpodged tissue paper onto it. eeeh. So then I painted it white. Much better.

4. Of course I covered the center mark. Awesome. I had to rediscover the center so I measured the width and marked the center point at a few different angles and it looked like this:

Then Macho drilled a hole for the clock mechanism. I just used one off a clock that I already had but I am sure you can buy stuff if you want to go the "expensive" route...ha ha ha.

5. I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy to epoxy all of the teacups to the saucers and then the saucers to the wood. Seriously this is the strongest stuff on earth. period. end of story. Dont even try to use something else...you may regret it.

6. Then I had Macho mount it to the wall. This thing is freakin heavy. I was kind of worried about it falling off and killing someone so I had him screw it directly through the clock face into a stud. Then I painted the screw and you cant even tell.

There you have it! This treasure cost less than $50.00 and I LOVE it!


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JUJU e LELÊ Artesanatos disse...

Super maravilha. Obrigada por compartilhar.
Bjs e bom fim de semana!

Dreamlu disse...

Bom fim de semana Lelê! Obrigada pela visibta!beijão

pattyh_girl disse...
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pattyh_girl disse...

Nossa, muito interessante essa ideia de um relógio com xícaras, me faz lembrar que toda hora é boa para um cafezinho.